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About Our Law Firm

Serious legal problems do not just go away. You may find yourself struggling with a legal issue that you cannot resolve, and you may be unsure what you need to do to ensure that you have someone knowledgeable on your side. At Thrasher Jemsek, PLC, our lawyers have spent their entire legal careers finding creative solutions to complex problems.

personal injury attorneyThe law firm of Thrasher Jemsek, PLC, provides a wide variety of legal services to clients throughout Arizona, the United States and various countries throughout the world.  Principals Bobby Thrasher and Ben Jemsek met in 1999 while working as associates in another firm.  Each went on to work as an associate and then partners in several other law firms before deciding to reunite and form their own firm in 2010.

They are experienced litigators and understand that every dispute, no matter the type of case or facts involved, may go to trial.  Because of their experience as litigators, they are able to provide their clients with honest and experienced advice in every facet of the legal process.  They have successfully represented clients in Arizona superior court, federal district courts, state appellate courts and the Ninth Circuit as well as the Arizona Supreme Court.  Their litigation successes have enabled them to achieve successful outcomes for their clients in and out of the courtroom. Their litigation experience also provides an advantage for clients who have not yet encountered a legal dispute.  They understand that when they draft agreements and form business relationships those agreements or individuals may end up in a courtroom.

Their size and litigation experience enables them to provide the best and most cost-effective representation to their clients.  Much larger firms may tell you that an experienced partner is being assigned to your case, but it is not unusual for bigger firms to assign an inexperienced associate to represent you.  At Thrasher Jemsek, PLC you will be directly represented by one of the two principals who have more than 33 years of legal experience between them.

Thrasher Jemsek, PLC’s attorneys have successfully litigated a variety of cases, including but not limited to (1) personal injury  and wrongful death cases; (2) automobile accidents; (3) shareholder and member disputes; (4) purchase and sale agreements; (5) legal and medical malpractice cases; (6) contract cases; (7) employment law claims; (8) construction claims and (9) criminal cases.  In addition to litigation, their attorneys are experienced in transactional work including business formation and drafting agreements of all types.  While they do not focus on one specific type of case, it is important to understand that all cases, no matter their facts or the law involved, may result in litigation.  What separates Thrasher Jemsek, PLC is their outstanding litigation ability and personal dedication to your case.  Thrasher Jemsek, PLC is built on litigation.  Every single issue has the potential for litigation no matter the law or the facts involved.  Thus, while the goal of their representation is to avoid and prevent litigation, their history of success in the courtroom helps to prevent others from litigating against their clients or from attempting to negotiate an unfavorable settlement or resolution.